what We do

We care about our planet, sustainable growth and happiness of the society. Therefore we are working on technologies to optimize use of already mined resources. This will enable sustainable development of various sectors viz, communications, transport, consumer durables and many others which have high exposure to batteries, particularly, Lithium based batteries.

Our focus us on (1) Recycling of batteries; (2) Urban mining; (3) supply chain optimization; (4) economically viable sourcing of materials; (5) reducing carbon footprint; and sustainable mining.


Let’s create a  better tomorrow!


We are bringing an innovation led disruptive change in the recycling and intelligent supply chain management of materials required for Li-Ion battery sector.


Being a technology driven company. We depend on cutting edge technologies in recycling, energy storage, artificial intelligence to optimise its value chain.


Building on the domain expertise available with specific organisations, we aim to develop positive synergies to build better and affordable products faster.

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