Intellemov Mobility

As per IPCC reports transport sector alone accounts for 14% of the global green house emissions. High levels of PM10 and PM2.5 is a cause of concern particularly in the developing economies. These have serious long term impact on our ecosystem, economies and health. Therefore, business-as-usual must go!

We, at Intellemov, are developing sustainable mobility ecosystem to cater the needs of present and future generations because we know that….

It’s time to change the way we move!

Intellemov is looking for investors and collaborators who are interested in joining us in this Mission to change the global passenger transport landscape. 

Potential areas of collaboration are …

Energy Storage

Organizations with research focus in energy storage technologies such as batteries and fuel cells and interested in collaborative research in technology and business models to facilitate adoption of electric vehicles are invited to join the forces.

AI & Telematics

Organizations working in application of Artificial Intelligence in automotive sector and telematics are welcome to carry out joint projects for developing vehicles to tomorrow, today.


One of the major focus areas is development of support infrastructure. This includes both manufacturing and operations infrastructure. We are looking to carry out collaborative research in this area with interested organization.

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