Intellemov started in 2018 to build an ecosystem for promoting sustaining development in energy and transport space. Circular economy is at heart of our company. We are working on strategies and technologies to bring battery materials back into the value chain. 

Our objective is to not only reduce materials going into landfills but also to extract the materials through Urban Mining. To fulfill this objective, we are working with like-minded companies, research institutions, NGOs and citizen organizations to efficiently recover materials for reuse in the new batteries thereby energizing back-flow of materials into value chain. We call this Intelligent Movement of materials and ourselves INTELLEMOV. 

Let’s move together towards a better tomorrow!


To become a net zero waste recycling company through efficient use of applications and post use recovery of materials. Our aim is to bring 100% materials back into the value chain.


To develop complete ecosystem for sustainable battery management and material recovery. By using new material recovery techniques we aims to energize circularity in the battery ecosystem.


We are committed to work towards a better tomorrow. Innovation is key to meet our goal for a sustainable future. Collaboration and team work will result in the best possible outcomes.

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